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Scholarships are awarded in spring.

(Application form generally opens in March

and closes in late April.)


To be eligible, you must be:

  • A senior at Western High School

  • A participant in athletics at the Varsity level

  • Enrolled at an institute of higher learning by the following September (includes university, college, military/trade school)


Note:  Award will not be given to a student athlete receiving a full ride to a higher learning institution as it must be used for tuition, books or housing.

2023 Scholarship Recipients


        Female athletes

         Lilly Heydenburg    $750

         Tessa White             $500

         Ella Bivens               $250


         Male athletes

         Caleb Bahlau            $750

         David McAninch      $500

         Brady Plate               $250

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        Female athletes

         Anna Burk               $750

          Sydnie Redovich    $500 

         Riley Kubiak            $250


        Male athletes

         Braxton Nichols    $750

         Carter Martin         $500

         Jack Herrington    $250



        Female athletes

         Kendall Robertson   $750

         Merritt Baker             $500

         Kyndal Lewis             $250


         Male athletes

         Bode Brown             $750

         Ian Maynard             $500

         Michael Rand III      $250




        Female athletes

      Natalie Shellberg     $750

       Hayden Fortress      $500

       Hannah Pariseau     $250


        Male athletes

         Keegan Sweeney   $750

         Toby Tyler                 $500

         Brennan Kim           $250

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